Dreams - a Curiosity of windows - a way in and a way out

Submission to the Bath Festival Trust
in October 1998
by Stef Zelynskyj:

Proposals for electronic installation

at the Old Royal Baths
(or the Hot Bath) ...
Bath, England.


The darkest deepest well

Spirit of what wanted health,
pass through doors again whole,
comfort the cold wet touch of ghosts,
bring back your healing hands.
Welcome to my curiosity of windows,
steamed with wishful cures.
for all ills...
Dare swim inside?
And be cleansed,
or swept under...
Flooded with faith and tears.
Watery baptism,
wet dreams of drowning.
Nurse says "Try holding your breath."
"Stop breathing now!"
When I let go,
I shall then sink,
sink to the bottom,
Of the darkest, deepest well.
Lets pray for a bucket of air.

Dreams Curiosity and Drowning - Projection  

Dreams Curiosity and Drowning - Video

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